Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lease application cover letter

Stephanie Sam
Simmon st
7th avenue
Mrs. Susan Franky
House number 6481
Mag lane
Dear Mrs. Franky,
I am sending this letter to show my interest in leasing out your property for starting a motel. This is one of the perfect spots on this route to start such a business concern. I am also ready to furnish all the necessity security details and deposits as you would find fit.
I am also furnishing a reference of one of the person from whom I have leased a property. This is for the purpose of any enquiry. Your property is also having a small house at the left corner, which can be use as a rest house too. In every respect, it is the best place that I could get for my plans.
I am ready to have a friendly talk with you on the matter of fixing the terms and conditions of the lease. I will be coming to your place in the next month. You can contact me on the above started address or on 24587345608 at any time.
Thanking you
Stephanie Sam

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